FF14 Black Fat Chocobo code is the reward for Chinese KFC eating event

Chinese gamers are trying to score an FF14 Black Fat Chocobo code by completing a seemingly-insurmountable task: eating an absurd amount of KFC. No, really. The code is being offered to people who can complete a special meal set, and it’s quite the hefty offering for even the heartiest eaters, with some participants talking about skipping breakfast and being so full afterward that they skip dinner, too. Here’s what’s on the menu for this special offer:

  • Double chicken burger
  • Vegan mushroom burger
  • 5-piece chicken nuggets
  • 2 Original Recipe chicken
  • 2-piece New Orland chicken wings
  • Old Beijing spicy duck roll
  • 2 large Pepsis
  • 2 large Oolong tea

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That doesn’t sound too bad, right? Well, all of those foodstuffs listed aren’t for a group of people — that’s a meal intended for one person. Seriously, look at all of this food:

Ff14 Black Fat Chocobo

Redditor /u/Cozywolf has compiled information about the event that Chinese players must endure to secure themselves the FF14 Black Fat Chocobo. Some of the players are going as far as to essentially compare eating the entire meal set to a raid in the game.

“As a WoL who [soloed] the raid, I would like to share the walkthrough,” began one such translated comment. It continued with several other amusing gaming metaphors, stating that you can remove the burger’s bun if “your DPS is below average” and that the “final phase” has a “DPS check.” The comment also advises that players under 85kg  (≈187.4 lbs.) don’t attempt to “solo” this event.

What makes this especially challenging is that players simply can’t buy the food and secure their FF14 Black Fat Chocobo code — several participants have reported that KFC staff hold onto the code until you completely finish your meal. One unfortunate individual, in particular, went to use the bathroom and discovered that they had replaced his half-finished meal with a brand new one for some reason, effectively resetting his progress.

We’ve all certainly seen our fair share of strange gaming contests, but it’s rare to see something that requires you to eat such a monumental amount of food. Still, plenty of Chinese players are toughing it out (and risking turning into a fat chocobo themselves) just to score some unique loot.

[Image Credit: /u/Cozywolf on Reddit]