The Sims 4 update will bring new art, a personality quiz, and more

The Sims 4 is approaching its five-year birthday, and the team at Maxis wants players to know that the game is still going strong. With that in mind, a big treat is headed to players soon. The upcoming Sims 4 update brings a new look to the game as well as new features and over 1,000 new objects.

In the latest Maxis monthly livestream, new details of the update were revealed. Heading to Mac and PC users on July 16, the update’s most obvious change is to the artwork and style of the game. The cover art’s familiar Sims have been replaced with fresh faces who will represent the new look of the game in all artwork to come. The old characters will still be accessible, and the outfits worn by the new characters are available in-game. New intros and a revamped main menu will be rolled out as well.

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An entertaining addition coming with the update is an optional change in Create-A-Sim. Players are still free to create Sims as they used to, but a personality quiz will be available to add a twist to creating a Sim’s traits, aspirations, and skills. Players who opt to use the personality quiz will receive 10 randomly-picked questions to answer. Depending on the answers, a Sim will be generated with a unique personality. Their appearance and gender can be customized further, but their traits, aspirations, and skills will be set based on the answers to the questions. While some questions are straightforward (“What age am I?”) most offer an interesting insight into the Sim you’ll be making.

sims 4 update

Here we can see a potential Indiana Jones in the making…

The Sims 4 update also integrates over 1,000 new items into the build/buy catalog. Examples of new objects were shown off on the stream and included fountains, billboards, ATMs, and other world objects not previously available in the player catalog.

The update will take a little longer to get to console. However, console players will receive the Island Living expansion on July 16, so PC/Mac players won’t have all the fun that day. They’ll also get the Freelancer and Pride updates along with more Alexa skills. All around, it’ll be a good day to be a Sims player!