Persona 5 Royal leak details new Personas, activities, and battle mechanics

Persona 5 Royal leak has popped up and it tells us an awful lot about what we can expect from Atlus’ upcoming enhanced edition of Persona 5. New Personasnew events, and improvements to battle mechanics are all things that players will be able to enjoy when it comes West in 2020.

More information about this game is coming out in an upcoming issue of Weekly Famitsu, but Persona Central got their hands on this Persona 5 Royal leak. Ryuji’s new Persona will be called “William” (the original name for Captain Kidd), Ann’s is “Celestine” (the original actress for Carmen), and Yusuke’s is “Gorochiki” (a younger name of Ishikawa Goemon, a legendary Japanese outlaw). Players will also be able to equip accessories that let them use skills they wouldn’t otherwise be able to naturally learn.

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Kichijoji Activities will now have a greater effect on the game. Playing billiards and darts will enhance your technical attacks and Baton Touch abilities, respectively. Baton Touch abilities can be ranked up in this way as a new mechanic. Ranking them up increases their offensive and beneficial effects. Non-alcoholic drinks at the Jazz Club enhance Persona abilities, meditating at the temple increases max SP capacity, and players can sell gear found in Mementos at the used clothes shop, ultimately exchanging earned points for prizes. This isn’t everything new we’ll get to see, but there’s certainly a lot here!

Some of the gameplay changes noted in this Persona 5 Royal leak are a little more significant. A new cooperative technique called “Show Time” is being introduced. As teammates get closer to one another, they’ll be able to activate new Show Time techniques. As an example, Makoto and Haru’s Show Time is based on women’s professional wrestling.

Finally, three new events are debuting in Persona 5 Royal:

  • Is Shiho making a return?
  • Ryuji has landed a recommendation at a university for track-and-field.
  • An exhibition of Yusuke’s works.

You’ll be able to see all of this and much more when Persona 5 Royal comes to the West sometime in 2020. As always, bear in mind that leaks might not always pan out — take everything here with a grain of salt.