Apex Legends streamer KingRichard accused of cheating on console

Image Source: KingRichard Twitch

Apex Legends Twitch streamer Richard “KingRichard” Nelson has been accused of cheating on console. KingRichard revealed on a recent stream that he uses a XIM device to enable keyboard and mouse controls on his Xbox One version of the game, which is commonly seen as an unfair advantage over controllers.

In a post on Reddit, KingRichard was accused of being a hypocrite for criticizing cheats on the PC version of Apex Legends while also utilizing keyboard and mouse controls on console. “This is not fair on the console community,” user IrishBros91 wrote. Although the post doesn’t mention KingRichard by name, it’s clear the post is about him. It’s likely the Reddit poster avoided using a name to bypass the Reddit’s rules against witch hunts. Regardless, the thread was locked shortly after.

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KingRichard didn’t try to hide the XIM device on his stream. “I want to get my XIM4 setup with my keyboard and mouse,” he said while explaining his plans for the stream. KingRichard continued to troubleshoot and setup the device so that he could use it in normal matches.

Many console shooter players have to deal with people who use devices that let you play with a keyboard and mouse. In games like Overwatch and now Apex Legends, it’s one of the only competitive ways to play at the higher skill levels. The accuracy of a mouse and keyboard often exceed what you can do with a controller, causing it to be considered cheating. Although developers have come out to say they’re against the use of devices like these, it’s not something that can players can be explicitly banned for. There’s also the fact that for some players, keyboard and mouse is the only way they can play.

KingRichard has made no comment on the situation since the stream or the Reddit thread. Most of the comments took issue with KingRichard’s decision, but were more worried about him advertising a way to make the game unfair for others.