Pokemon Masters co-op battles shown off in new trailer

Another mobile Pokemon game is on the way and will allow players to team up and take on the baddies in groups. The Pokemon Masters co-op battles were explained in a new game trailer dropped today. You and your friends can work together to take on other trainers and have your Pokemon unleash a powerful, unified attack.

Thanks to the new trailer from developer DeNa, players can take a look at how co-op will work in the upcoming mobile title. The Pokemon Masters co-op battles bring together up to three players against up to three opponents. The players can support each other with items and use Pokemon attacks like any other standard battle. However, there are also “unity attacks” that bring together all three of you and your friends’ Pokemon for a destructive onslaught. Players work together to charge a “unity gauge” to build up the attack. Once the unity gauge is full, players select a “sync pair” to lead the attack. This pair will be one player and their current Pokemon. The attack’s type is based on the lead sync player, so teams can strategize which attack would bring the most destruction based on the enemy’s type weaknesses. Just like with NPCs, the co-op battles will be real-time and utilize a move gauge that is shared between players, dictating when their Pokemon can use moves and attacks.

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If your friends are busy, have no fear! You won’t be alone in the world of Pokemon Masters. Instead, the game allows players to build a dream team of their favorite trainers throughout Pokemon history. Everyone from Brock to Barry and more are at your disposal to recruit and take on your journeys. Use those trainers and their Pokemon to fill in gaps in your team and let no opponent stand in your way.

Pokemon Masters is set to release later this summer for iOS and Android. Check out the trailer below!