New Magic: The Gathering set Thrones of Eldraine revealed

With San Diego Comic-Con now underway, nerdy news is expected in spades. The first hints of a new Magic: The Gathering set were revealed through invitations doled out ahead of their formal weekend panel. The invitations beckoned attendees to the “Royal Courts of Eldraine” and the interior of the invitation had “Thrones of Eldraine” surrounded by images of various fae folk flying around the words. It looks like Magic will be shifting gears back to a fae-focused set this October.

While the panel on July 20th is expected to shed more light on the set, we know enough to get excited. Thrones of Eldraine will be releasing on October 4, with the pre-release events happening on September 28 and 29. Since Eldraine isn’t a known person or location in Magic lore, it’s safe to assume this will be the confirmed new plane. Going somewhere fresh makes sense after wrapping up the massive Nicol Bolas story arc with this summer’s War of the Spark set. This new plane, presumably named Eldraine, seems to hearken back to Lorwyn days with the heavy presence of fae folk. No currently known planeswalkers have been associated with the new set as of writing.

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Saturday’s panel with Magic: The Gathering head designer Mark Rosewater will be diving into more information on Thrones of Eldraine. Those not on-site at SDCC can follow the updates on Twitter, as stated in the panel description:

“This is the big one. If there’s one thing you can’t miss at SDCC, it’s Mark’s panel. This will be the official unveiling of Magic’s fall set, codenamed “Archery.” Yep. That one. If you’re not able to join us at the panel, follow along with what’s being shown on Twitter (@wizards_magic) and stay tuned to DailyMTG after the panel is over for an article detailing all the info Mark shares during the panel.”

Keep an eye on this Saturday’s panel for the latest Thrones of Eldraine updates!