DC Universe Online Switch release date announced

In May, Daybreak Game Company confirmed that DC Universe Online would be coming to Nintendo Switch. Now, it’s revealed exactly when the free-to-play superhero MMORPG arrives on the platform. The DC Universe Online Switch release date is on August 6.

DC Universe Online originally launched in 2011 for PlayStation 3 and PC, before making its way to PlayStation 4 two years later. Back then, Daybreak was still operating as Sony Online Entertainment. The company eventually broke away from Sony in 2015 which gave it the chance to port the game to other consoles starting with 2016’s Xbox One port.

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Alongside the announcement, Daybreak clarified some details about DC Universe Online’s Switch port. When the game arrives on Switch next month, players will be using their Nintendo Switch Online accounts to connect to it. Players cannot linked their Nintendo Switch Online accounts to any existing DCUO accounts. Veterans will have to start the game from scratch if they wish to play on Switch.

Players on Nintendo Switch will also not be able to play with players on other platforms. DC Universe Online was one of the first games to allow cross-platform play as the original PC and PlayStation 4 releases of the game actually had cross-platform play with each other. However, this was likely due to the game still being under Sony’s umbrella back then. The game’s Xbox One version did not allow for cross-platform play.

With the impending release of the DC Universe Online Switch port, Nintendo’s hybrid portable console finally gets its first MMORPG in the West. The game’s release helps fill a genre gap in the system’s library in the region.

Of course, the system is set to receive other MMORPGs soon. Dragon Quest 11 arrives on Nintendo Switch on September 27. Will DC Universe Online‘s almost two-month start and unique superhero premise give it an edge despite its age? Or will the Japanese juggernaut take the spotlight? We’ll find out when both games arrive on the system later this year.