Overwatch Brigitte nerf praised by xQc, says mains are ‘coward scrubs’

The upcoming Overwatch Brigitte nerf has been enthusiastically praised by the energetic Twitch streamer xQc. In the relevant stream, xQc was talking with his Twitch chat and looking over the PTR patch notes for the upcoming changes to Overwatch. Among them are a serious amount of nerfs to one of the game’s most controversial Support heroes.

If you aren’t super familiar with the Overwatch scene, Brigitte is viewed as a contentious character by many. Originally envisioned as a hardier sort of healer, Brigitte sometimes proved nigh-impossible to kill. Her inclusion in the three-tank, three healer “GOATS” composition added to the dislike for the character as this particular team comp was dominating the highest levels of play.

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For context, here are all of the changes in the Overwatch Brigitte nerf according to the most recent PTR patch notes:

Overwatch Brigitte nerf

Inspire (Passive)

  • Healing amount increased from 100 to 130
  • Self-healing from Inspire is now halved\
  • Repair Pack
  • Now has 3 charges
  • Healing amount changed from 150 to 120
  • Now heals over 2 seconds instead of instantly
  • If you throw multiple packs at the same person, the current duration will be extended by 2 seconds

Whip Shot

  • Out-going velocity increased from 60 to 80
  • Retracting time reduced from 0.6 seconds to 0.3

Barrier Shield

  • Barrier health reduced from 500 to 200

Shield Bash

  • Stun duration reduced from 0.9 seconds to 0.75


  • Ultimate cost increased 10%

Anyone experienced with the game can tell you that this represents a massive shift for Brigitte. xQc had this to say about the changes in his typical high-energy speaking style:

Let me update this for you. No, you didn’t deserve your rank. No, you didn’t improve. No, you’re not a god gamer. What you are is a coward scrub, glorified, non-mechanical support trash that got free rating and will go back downwards — downwards trend! — back to the sewers where you belong! Thank you, though! Much love!

The Overwatch Brigitte nerf may not be final; after all, the point of the Public Test Realm is to test out changes to the game. If they make it into the live version (and subsequently, Competitive Play and the Overwatch League) intact, it will represent a massive shift in the game’s meta and something that I’m sure more people than just xQc will be energetically celebrating.