Super Mario Maker 2 course limit doubled for uploads

While Super Mario Maker 2 has been out for less than a month, it seems that designers can’t stop creating levels for the game. In response to the overwhelming number of courses people are making, Nintendo has now doubled the Super Mario Maker 2 course limit.

Super Mario Maker 2 players can find the notification about the increase in the game’s “News” tab. With this change, players can now upload up to 64 courses, up from the previous limit of 32.

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Nintendo doubling the game’s course upload limit shouldn’t be surprising considering how prolific players have been. Earlier this month, the company revealed that players have uploaded over 2 million courses for Super Mario Maker 2.

On top of this, it seems that Nintendo expects players to continue to create stage after stage. The announcement also confirms that it will increase Super Mario Maker 2‘s course upload limit one more time.

The decision to continue increasing the course limit may be partly driven by Super Mario Maker 2‘s strong sales performance. The game stayed on top of the sales charts weeks after its release, while also nearly doubling that of the first game on Wii U.

The doubling of the course upload limit probably won’t affect most casual players. It’s the game’s most hardcore creators who’ll make the most out of it, provided Nintendo doesn’t keep deleting their levels. Already, these creators are doing amazing things with the game, even making tools to string together levels via a browser based world map. Additionally, even actual professional game developers have thrown their hat into the ring.

More importantly, the increase in the course upload limit tells these creators that Nintendo plans to continue support for Super Mario Maker 2. With yet another limit increase in the works, creators can rest assured that they can continue to keep making levels for a long time. Well, hopefully. There’s always going to be a ceiling.