Epic Games Store cloud saves enabled for select games

After a long wait, Epic Games Store cloud saves have been enabled for select games. For now, we only know the feature is up and running for Moonlighter, and Epic says it has more work to do before it can enable the feature for a wider library of titles.

In a post on the Epic Games Store Reddit, u/Henrysk uploaded a screenshot of the Epic Games Store settings for Moonlighter, which is free on the storefront until August 1. In the settings, u/Henrysk noticed an option to enable cloud saves for the game. Reddit user cocacoladdict (@ShyXLFT on Twitter) subsequently asked Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney on Twitter if cloud saves were live on the storefront, and Sweeney clarified that the feature is only active for certain games at the moment. Reddit user u/arloki1 said they checked about 20 to 30 titles in their Epic Games Store library, but only found two that included the option to enable cloud saves.

The Epic Games Store has long been lagging behind Steam and other competitors in terms of useful features like cloud saves. The the company announced earlier this year that Epic Games Store cloud saves and other features would be coming, but this is the first we’ve seen of the feature being implemented. According to the Epic Games Store roadmap, the company planned to implement the feature this July, though Sweeney’s tweet seems to imply cloud saves may take a bit longer to be widely available.

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The Epic Games Store launched in late 2018, promising a fairer deal for developers than other digital games stores. The storefront has been the subject of much controversy since then as it announced exclusive game after exclusive game, even announcing an exclusivity deal for the Kickstarter game Shenmue 3, refunding backers who funded the game in anticipation of an eventual Steam release. The release of Epic Games Store cloud saves and other useful features could perhaps persuade users to be more accepting of Epic’s storefront, but only time will tell.