Halo Infinite audio file hidden in E3 trailer

Fans discovered a secret Halo Infinite audio file linked by a QR code hidden in the Halo Infinite E3 2019 trailer. The 40-second clip features some spooky ambient sound, footsteps, and Cortana’s voice.

Twitter user Xepyal, who discovered the Halo Infinite audio file, shared the QR code in a tweet, tagging 343 Industries Narrative Experience Director Dan Chosich. Xepyal said they found the QR code by piecing together screenshots of the red bars that show up around 3:33 in the trailer as Master Chief’s HUD boots up. According to John Junyzek, a Halo community manager who replied to Xepyal’s tweet, Xepyal is believed to be the first to discover the file.

You can listen to the sound file yourself here. In the clip, a voice that appears to be Cortana’s says, “This, this is part of me. I don’t know why. I don’t know how, but it is me.” Fans on Resetera speculate that the audio is from the same scene at the end of the E3 trailer, where Cortana tells Master Chief that she knew they “would be perfect together” as he approaches some sort of converging digital material. You can see that scene, at 5:23, along with the red bars at 3:33 that comprise the QR code, in the trailer below.

Resetera users in the same thread speculate that the Cortana in the audio clip and in the trailer is one of the “fragments” of her created after the end of Halo 4. Other Resetera users propose that this could mean Cortana will get a physical form (capable of making footstep noises) in Halo Infinite, though that speculation is mostly tongue-in-cheek.

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We don’t know much about the upcoming entry in the Halo franchise. Halo Infinite will be a direct sequel to Halo 5 and has been described as a “spiritual reboot” of the franchise. It’s set to release on Xbox One, the next-generation Xbox console (called “Project Scarlett”) and PC in holiday 2020, and will also come to the Xbox Game Pass.