World of Warcraft leak hints that Hearthstone’s tavern is coming to the game

For Warcraft fans into both World of Warcraft and Hearthstone, it seems that Blizzard has a crossover of sorts planned between the two games. A new World of Warcraft leak points to Hearthstone‘s tavern being added as a location in the game.

For those not caught up with Hearthstone, the digital card game’s battles take place in one of the many taverns around the worlds of Azeroth and Draenor. With both games taking place in Blizzard’s Warcraft universe, some may have wondered if one such tavern where the game was being played somehow existed in World of Warcraft. It turn out, one such tavern does seem to exist.

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Dataminer Martin Benjamins made a post on Twitter stating that he found models for the Hearthstone tavern in WoW‘s files. The tweet included a few screenshots for the tavern as well as a link to the fanmade WoW model viewer that lets anyone interested actually view the models.

The tavern itself should please fans of Hearthstone. It features multiple tables with the actual board used by that game for its card battles. Additionally, it also features other small touches including albums for holding cards on those tables, as well as one of the titular hearthstones sitting on top of the tavern’s hearth.

As for where this tavern is, Benjamins stated that he wasn’t sure as it the models were in their own separate map. However, they did find a reference to “stormwindhearthstone” on another map.

With what Benjamins has found, it seems likely that some sort of crossover event for World of Warcraft or both games is in the works. However, this does raise the question of what exactly the tavern will be used for. Could Blizzard use the tavern it to create some sort of integration between both games, with it able to actually launch a game of Hearthstone from WoW? Whatever the case, hopefully Blizzard doesn’t wait too long talk about the tavern.