Rainbow Six Siege leak hints at new operators

With a new season coming up, Rainbow Six Siege players are wondering about the new operators coming into the game. Now, a new Rainbow Six Siege leak may give players their first glimpse of two new operators coming to the game. Originally shared on Reddit, the leak purportedly shows concept art of two new operators coming in Season Three of Rainbow Six Siege‘s fourth year. The first piece shows a man in the middle of a swamp seemingly setting off a bomb in front of a track carrying archaeological artifacts. The seconds shows a female operator looking at similar archaeological artifacts, possibly stealing, or recovering them.

That Rainbow Six Siege‘s third season brings two new operators shouldn’t come as a surprise. Ubisoft’s roadmap for the game for Year Four confirmed that each of the game’s seasons would be getting two new operators each. In addition to this, the same roadmap confirms that one of the new operators will be Peruvian, and the other Mexican. These nationalities definitely seem to fit the concept art. Aside from both operators looking mildly Hispanic, the artifacts featured in both look distinctly Mesoamerican.

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With this in mind, fans on Reddit are now speculating that the season’s operation theme will involve recovering stolen artifacts. Additionally, an earlier leak on ResetEra by known Rainbow Six Siege insider Kormora has hinted at a grappling hook being one of the new gadgets for Season Three. This does feel like something that an operator could use to scale ruins.

Of course, all this represents pure speculation at this point. That said, Kormora has backed up the latest leaks as well. Ubisoft will be hosting a panel before the tournament finals of the Raleigh Major on August 18. Here, it’s supposed to finally reveal details on Season Three. It looks like fans will have to wait until then to see whether or not these leaks are legit.