Perfect World Mobile European release date and trailer revealed

Perfect World Games has just announced the Perfect World Mobile European release date. Players will be able to download this new MMORPG starting August 21 in Europe, excluding Russia and CIS regions. This game will be officially available to play on August 22, when the EU servers open.

Players in North America and Europe can pre-register for the English Perfect World Mobile servers, in anticipation of the Android and iOS release. If you do so, you will receive a rare outfit for the first character that you create. A tiered pre-registration reward system will offer better rewards as sign-ups increase, including a rare mount, an exclusive title to celebrate the open beta, in-game currency and more.

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Perfect World Mobile is a reimagination of the classic PC MMORPG Perfect World International, which released 12 years ago. It brings many of the beloved features from the original game while adding several new twists to the world and gameplay. The terrain was revamped, the UI was adapted to the current demands and the combat system features smoother animations and skill sets.

The races and classes remain the same and include the stylish Winged Elves, the brutal Untamed and the technology-oriented Humans. A character creation system with many sliders allows for some in-depth customization, with the Untamed race featuring a selection between animals such as tiger, lion, deer, and panda.

The flight system is one of the main features from Perfect World Mobile, allowing players to take to the skies in different kinds of flying mounts: gigantic swords, birds or several types of insects, depending on your race. You can explore the massive continent spawning 60,000 square kilometers by flying or on foot.

Perfect World Mobile previously released in China where it found huge success. Alongside the Perfect World Mobile European release date announcement comes a new story trailer, giving us a sneak peek on the new adventure using real in-game footage.