Call of Duty: Modern Warfare mouse and keyboard support on console confirmed

While dual analog sticks have made first-person shooters viable on consoles, the mouse and keyboard combo is still the best way to play them. As such, a number of console shooters have started supported them. Now joining this list is the upcoming FPS game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which will officially support mouse and keyboard.

Talking to the EU PlayStation Blog, Infinity Ward design director Joe Cecot confirmed that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will support mouse and keyboard on console. This is in part due to the fact that the game also supports cross-platform play with PC where mouse and keyboard is the accepted way to play first-person shooters.

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With mouse and keyboard seen as a more accurate method of control, this means console players can now fight on an equal footing with those on PC. However, this does bring up the question of console players who don’t use mouse and keyboard. With the latter seen as a superior control method, those who aren’t using them will be at a disadvantage.

To make sure players on controller aren’t at a disadvantage online, Cecot stated that the team at Infinity Ward is planning to implement “matchmaking based on peripheral.” This feature makes it so that players on mouse and keyboard only get matched against others using the same setup.

The previous Call of Duty game Black Ops 4 didn’t officially support keyboard and mouse. However, a few workarounds existed, such as those detailed in our guide. Of course, the lack of peripheral-based matchmaking meant that players using these workarounds did gain an advantage over those who didn’t. With this new feature, it seems that Infinity Ward has found an elegant solution that allows console players to make use of a mouse and keyboard. By matching players using the same kind of peripheral together, no single group gets an advantage from simply using a different kind of controller.