FIFA 20 Career Mode details showcase new managers, morale, and more

New FIFA 20 Career Mode details have been revealed including new options for managers, a new morale system, and much more! 17,000 authentic players, hundreds of teams, and nearly a hundred licensed stadiums are all coming together to make this one of the most comprehensive FIFA games yet.

Starting things off are enhancements to the game’s manager system. You’ll be able to change up the style in a variety of new ways, but the new enhancements go beyond surface-level cosmetics. Players can change body type, skin tone, and hairstyles alongside picking out a neat outfit for the man in charge. You also won’t have to be the man in charge, either—for the first time, you’ll be able to use a female manager in FIFA 20 Career Mode.

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The manager is going to have a tough job in the game. Every decision you make is going to have an impact on your team’s morale and performance. Transferring players, deciding your starting 11, and all sorts of other factors are going to change your team’s morale (and consequently, their performance on the pitch). You won’t just have to answer to your team, either—the press is going to be grilling you about what you’re doing with the team and why you did it. The FIFA 20 Career Mode will also feature a Newsfeed that will effectively serve as a highlight system of sorts; you’ll be able to see your players most recent best moments through this system.

FIFA 20 is slated to include 30 official leagues, more than 700 teams, 17,000 players, and 90 stadiums from around the world. This is just a glance at what you can expect to get out of FIFA 20’s Career Mode; be sure to swing by their official website to see all of the fine details. FIFA 20 is set to launch for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on September 27, 2019.