Fortnite season 10 leaks hint at return of Greasy Grove, Anarchy Acres, Moisty Mire, and more

While Fortnite‘s recent patch lacked any sort of changes to its map, it looks like some are on their way soon. A new slew of Fortnite Season 10 leaks are hinting at the return of some familiar places of interest in the near future.

Epic Games has been trying its best to stamp out the leaks that come with each new season of its hit battle royale. That said, it’s hard to stop the leaks when the data is coming from the game’s own files. Dataminers Hypex and xkleinmikex discovered references to various returning places in the game’s latest patch.

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One of the returning locations is Greasy Grove, a fan favorite landing spot and the original home of Durr Burger. Currently frozen inside a lake below Polar Peak, the return of this location seems to hint at big changes coming to that area of the map.

Joining Greasy Grove is Anarchy Acres. This location hails from some of the oldest builds of Fortnite. Players tend to think of it a worse version of the current Fatal Fields. That said, it does also have something of a following. If this comes back, Epic may likely address the lack of loot that made it unpopular. Additionally, its return could also mean the return of the adjacent Lazy Links.

A previous leak already hinted at the return of Moisty Mire. However, that one referred to it as “Moisty Palms.” This location used to sit where a Paradise Palms is. As such, the older leak may hint at it being mashed up with the latter location.

Risky Reels returning hints at some very big changes to the game’s map. The location used to sit where the Season Eight’s massive volcano sprung up from. With the return of this location, Lazy Lagoon may not be far behind.

The final leaked location if Flush Factory. The Ice King’s approach on the game’s island in Season Seven saw this location be removed. Veterans will remember it as a great place to start for slower games.

All of the leaked locations came with the tag for the “spray car or truck” Battle Pass missions. That said, this label probably represents a placeholder for different challenges. Epic has done the same in the past, after all. As for when these locations will be added, Epic will likely be rolling them out slowly as it has done in other seasons.