Mega Man dab mod lets you style on the haters

Mega Man dab mod has been unleashed on the world. What does this mod do, exactly? Well, it modifies the ROM file of Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Falzar to let the Blue Bomber execute a dab at any time. Why? Well, why not?

The mod was highlighted on ResetEra. Created by MegaRockEXE of the Rockman EXE Zone fan forums, this comprehensive patch allows for our hero to dab in nearly any situation in the game. Whether you’re out in the overworld or fighting a battle, you can execute a dab simply by pressing the select button. Dabbing is accompanied by a special sound to add to the effect. Even Mega Man’s portrait in the chat window shows a dab! There are, however, some caveats.

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The first item of note to consider is that the select button is used in the vanilla version of the game to skip cutscenes. As a consequence, this mod alters the game so you now have to skip cutscenes by pressing the start button instead. This also only works for the untransformed Mega Man; it won’t work if you’re on Cross or Beast Out mode.

Planning, sprites, and the mod’s trailer we created by MegaRockEXE; coding and modding duties were handled by GreigaMaster. MegaRockEXE also has worked on several other mods beside the Mega Man dab mod like a patch that substantially adds new content to a game for players to enjoy.

You can see this super-silly new feature in action by watching the terribly-amusing trailer for the Mega Man dab mod below. Watch as Mega Man transforms into a new hero, capable of dabbing like no hero ever dabbed before. Yep, it is pretty wild.