The Outer Worlds publisher Private Division has unannounced games in development

Private Division, a Take-Two subsidiary, and publisher of upcoming games The Outer Worlds and Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey are confirmed to have unannounced projects in development. This news comes from the Take-Two Q1 2020 earnings call, where Take-Two President Karl Slatoff said that behind closed doors at Private Division there’s “a lot of other activity that we haven’t talked about.”

His comment followed high praise for both Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey and The Outer Worlds, the first major releases following developer Squad’s Kerbal Space Program from the publisher, which was set up in order to signal boost exceptional independent games, from Take-Two Chairman and CEO Strauss Zelnick. The two upcoming titles are said to be generating strong pre-launch buzz, no doubt recently helped by the announcement that Microsoft-owned Obsidian would be bringing Fallout: New Vegas spiritual successor The Outer Worlds to the Nintendo Switch. Private Division, lead by Michael Worosz, earned praise from Zelnick for being incredibly selective of the games they take under their wing, then similarly focused when it comes to ensuring that the fortunate few which do make the cut are of the highest possible quality.

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Their apparent dedication to making this games good is a good sign as Private Division was confirmed to have more unannounced games on the way. It’s almost impossible to speculate on what they might be, but we do have one confirmed Private Division project to look forward to in Disintegration. This sci-fi first-person shooter from Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto could prove to be a big deal, what with it clearly channeling Microsoft’s most popular franchise whilst utilizing one of the key talents behind it.

We’ll undoubtedly hear more about the other Private Division projects in due course, as should be the case with Rockstar Games output after Take-Two recently said the team would be producing sequels more frequently.