Skullgirls creators’ RPG Indivisible release date announced

Lab Zero Games has finally announced the Indivisible release date. Indivisible, a platformer RPG from the creators of Skullgirls, was announced way back in 2015 and has raised $2 million from backers on Indiegogo to date. The studio announced in a new trailer that Indivisible release date is October 8 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

According to Lab Zero, the Indivisible Switch release date is “coming soon.” Pre-orders are now live on the game’s Steam page, and the PS4 and Xbox One pre-orders will become available soon. Players who pre-order the game for any platform will receive Roti, a pet tapir that can follow the game’s protagonist around the world. Steam pre-orders will also give players skins themed after Valve games such as Half-Life, Portal, and Team Fortress 2, and the Steam version will also include a Portal Companion Cube. An update on Indivisible’s Indiegogo page announced that those who backed the game will receive all the pre-order bonuses available for their platform of choice. It’s not clear if this only applies to those who pledged enough money to receive a copy of the game or if it will apply to those that pledged in the $5 and $15 tiers, as well, but it’s likely the former.

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Indivisible has gained attention in the four years since its announcement due to its beautiful, hand-drawn character art and animations. The game features cutscene work from Kill la Kill animation team Studio Trigger, which has also recently produced the opening for the upcoming Shantae 5. Indivisible follows protagonist Anja as she encounters more than 20 “Incarnations,” characters she can absorb and then manifest to fight with her. These characters are diverse and interesting, each with unique designs and backstories, and they include such characters as a dragon trainer named Antoine, a dog named Lanshi, and an apothecary named Ginseng. Indivisible plays out as a 2D side-scroller, and players initiate turn-based battles with enemies they encounter.