Super Mario Maker 2 working calculator level created by player

A Super Mario Maker 2 working calculator level was created by a German player known as Helgefan. It may not be the greatest tool to help you with your math homework, but at least you can learn while having fun. Maybe you can use it to teach math problems to your little brother or sister?

This calculator level is an intricate blend of gears, treadmills, and Goombas, with the player starting by picking two digits between 0 and 9. After that, you are tasked with the option to add or subtract them. This is all done via traditional Super Mario platforming gameplay, with easy instructions pointing you in the right direction.

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After selecting the digits and the math operation, you go through a few minutes of chaotic platforming, while the machine does the calculation. It’s not clear if everything that Mario goes through has any effect in the outcome, or if it was added to make the level look more intricate than it should be. One thing that can’t be denied is that it probably took a massive amount of work.

When you reach the end of the level, the calculator returns the result of your choices. It’s a rudimentary single digit calculation but still impresses due to its cryptic design. Is there some weird magic at work or is this the creation of a mastermind? We may end up knowing how this Super Mario Maker 2 working calculator was designed soon, as the creator is planning on making an explanation video. What will Super Mario Maker 2 players come up with to surpass this?

You can watch the calculator gameplay video below. To play this creation called the Cluttered Chaos Calculator 2 you must enter the following ID into the game: C81-8H4-RGG.

Super Mario Maker 2 launched on June 28, 2019 for the Nintendo Switch. Don’t forget to read our review to know what makes it such an amazing game.