Control Spanish dub has ‘amateur-level’ acting and sound quality

The Control Spanish dub has gotten into the hands of game reviewers who work in that language, and things aren’t looking good. While dubbed voices for foreign releases of video games aren’t always up to the same standard of quality as you might expect from the original language, the Spanish dub for this upcoming title from 505 Games sounds unusually bad going by the reception of fans on YouTube, Twitter, and elsewhere.

As highlighted by ResetEra, Spanish-language video game site HobbyConsolas got to sit down and spend some time with Control, putting together a lengthy article as a preview and including 15 minutes of gameplay footage. While the game certainly looks pretty good, it doesn’t sound that great in the Spanish dub.

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“Time to talk about Control’s Spanish voices,” read a machine-translated statement from HobbyConsola’s preview of the Control Spanish dub. “And if you have already seen our gameplay, it is likely that you are thinking the same as us: it is a work that gives the sensation of having been performed by amateur-level actors; Very few voices live up to what is expected of a professional video game dubbing and they become a distraction that takes us out of the game.”

“We always appreciate that the games are doubled to our language,” the article continued, “but, being honest, in a case like this that can even spoil the experience, we prefer to play in the original version.”

The YouTube comments on the gameplay preview are similarly poking fun at the quality of the Control Spanish dub, with one comment saying that it “looks like a game of 10 years ago and a dubbing of 20.” Twitter comments are equally vicious, with one user calling it a “horror” and another saying that the Spanish-language version has “lousy dubbing.” Others note that there doesn’t appear to be an effort to have proper lip-syncing with the voices.

Is the Control Spanish dub genuinely bad, or are gamers being overly critical about its quality? You can watch HobbyConsolas’ 15 minute gameplay preview video below and decide for yourself.