No Man’s Sky Switch version could be on the way

Sean Murray, the founder of video game development studio Hello Games, has revealed that he and his team are interested in a No Man’s Sky Switch version. Nintendo’s home console/portable hybrid would perhaps be the perfect place for this sci-fi adventure, where countless procedurally generated planets occupy a galaxy which it’s your mission to reach the center of. Endless space-faring adventures at home and on the go certainly make for an enticing prospect.

Presumably, a version of the game shrunken down for Nintendo Switch would need to make several visual downgrades in order to accommodate a steady performance, but graphics aren’t everything. In an interview with Game Informer, Murray called a potential Switch port “super interesting,” proceeding to hint that the work Hello Games have carried out on optimizing No Man’s Sky in preparation for its upcoming PlayStation VR support could mean that the transition was possible. He said the independent studio is mainly focused on implementing VR into the existing game at the moment — alongside a great deal more features via the No Man’s Sky Beyond update on August 14 —  but it’s certainly encouraging to learn that a Switch version is where they might set their sights next.

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Other new features coming to the game in this month’s free Beyond update include riding animals and online multiplayer for between 16 and 32 players, depending on your platform of choice. A Nintendo Switch version would presumably weigh in at the low end of that scale, though the potential to hand off a Joy-Con and play split-screen or set up a local system link with multiple Switch consoles could be a unique selling point on top of its inherent added portability.

After No Man’s Sky initially disappointed many players when it launched, failing to live up the hype first started on the PlayStation E3 stage, the team at Hello Games have been doing everything they can to realize its potential through a series of extensive free updates. Bringing the title to Nintendo Switch would be another step in turning the game’s reputation around.