Black Desert Online free open beta now available on PS4

The Black Desert Online free open beta is now available on PS4. Starting today and running through August 13, this beta is accessible to every PlayStation 4 owner, even those without a PlayStation Plus subscription.

By downloading and playing the beta, you will be rewarded with an exclusive Sky Hawk pet. You get this pet when Black Desert Online launches on August 22, but you must purchase the MMORPG as it isn’t free-to-play.

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The Black Desert Online free open beta on PS4 offers you six classes to choose from: Warrior, Sorceress, Ranger, Berserker, Wizard, and Witch. You can pick your favorite role and customize it to your liking via the in-depth character creation system.

You can play up until level 50, the level cap for the open beta, meeting many NPCs and fighting countless enemies. Various mounts are ready to take you through the vast and picturesque regions of Serendia, Balenos and Calpheon.

There are several events waiting for players during the free open beta. There is a fishing event at Velia Shore, where you are tasked with getting one “Fish Bones” within the time limit. Taming a wild horse south of Velia is another challenge, but you’ll need a rope and some sugar to help you in the process. If successful, your reward will be a dark thorn horse gear set. If you wish to play hide-and-seek in Black Desert Online, you can do so as well.

The Cart Racer event sounds compelling, but it is nothing like a Mario Kart game. Instead of riding a kart, you must push a cart along the path and cross the finish line in the first position. There are other events where you can participate, culminating in a spectacular fireworks finale on the last day of beta.

Black Desert Online is currently available on PC and Xbox One, with a mobile version coming later this year.