Keemstar Mixer account creation hints at him leaving Twitch

Daniel Keem’s creation of a Keemstar Mixer account seems to suggest that the YouTuber is leaving Twitch. Best known as the host of internet gossip show DarmaAlert, Killer Keemstar also live streams gameplay on industry-leading platform Twitch, though following some recent controversy, that might be set to change. Recently Twitch committed an enormous blunder by using the channel of their former biggest star, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, to recommend a stream that featured pornography.

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The choice to showcase other Fortnite streamers on Ninja’s former Twitch channel following his exclusive move to Microsoft’s Mixer was already somewhat of a controversial one, but a recent misstep which reportedly resulted in porn being displayed on the channel — a case of Twitch directly violating its own terms of service — has been the last straw for many. One such person is Keemstar, who’s been openly voicing his displeasure on Twitter, directly calling out Twitch CEO Emmett Shear about alleged dishonesty, using the #TwitchOverParty hashtag numerous times, and drawing direct comparisons between Twitch and defunct social media platform Vine (see below).

With his thoughts on Twitch made very apparent, Keemstar also shared a link to his new Mixer Account, seeming to suggest that he’s following in the footsteps of Ninja. At the time of writing, Keem’s Mixer channel currently sits at 9,635 followers, which leaves him very shy of the 99,612 followers he’d be leaving behind on Twitch. He’s also well short of the new Mixer follower record, which was quickly snapped up by Ninja, who currently has in excess of 1.5 million followers on Microsoft’s burgeoning streaming platform.

Only time will tell whether Keemstar is making an exclusive jump to Mixer, though maybe Ninja can convince him to stay by sending some love his way as thanks for the support—or perhaps as thanks for the modded 4K GameCube console which Keemstar seemingly gifted him last week.