Rumor: Bully 2 leaked screenshot shows the game’s map

A supposed Bully 2 leaked screenshot has surfaced, seemingly depicting the game’s pause menu and map screen. The surreptitious shot was presumably hastily grabbed, setting it off-kilter and slightly out of focus, but it’s still possible to make out a number of features. Maintaining the signature blue and gold Bully—originally titled Canis Canem Edit on PS2 in Europe—color scheme, the screenshot looks suitably in keeping with what you’d expect from a sequel, which might help to make a case for its validity.

The fact that at least one tweet, to our knowledge, containing the image has been taken down might also help its case, potentially pointing towards Rockstar Games enacting damage control. Regardless, the picture in question shows the map icon of a character seemingly stood at the gates of the “Wintersmith Mansion.” What we assume to be a player portrait occupies the upper left of the pause menu, and doesn’t appear to be the original game’s protagonist Jimmy Hopkins (they have a full head of hair, first of all).

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Opposite the Wintersmith Mansion is a selection of variously sized buildings, with one perhaps being a hospital, depicted by a health-style cross icon overlay. It’s hard to tell too much else about the area beyond that, other than the fact this setting would likely be entirely new, as there’s no Wintersmith Mansion in the original setting of Bullworth. The pause menu tabs do offer more food for thought, however, showing potential integration of the Rockstar Games Social Club service and, as a series first, a potential online multiplayer offering. With the success of Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Redemption Online, it’s very likely that any future Rockstar Games titles would get similar treatment.

The leak originated when Bully-focused YouTuber TheNathanNS was allegedly sent the screenshot by an unnamed leaker via Twitter DM. As such, this news should be taken with a pinch of salt, but it would make sense for anybody looking to spread the news of the game’s existence to do so by targeting a devoted Bully audience.