New DualShock 4 colors revealed: Rose Gold, Titanium Blue, and more

Sony has released a YouTube video showcasing their new DualShock 4 colors for the fall season. If you like to color coordinate your gaming accessories with your seasonal attire, one of these beauties might be just what you’re looking for. Nobody will know, but you’d definitely be looking fly whilst enjoying your current PS4 game of choice.

The new DS4 controllers come in the stylishly shiny Rose Gold and Titanium Blue colors, in addition to a striking matte Electric Purple, and, somewhat ironically, the most conspicuous of the bunch is the busier design of the Red Camouflage handset. These latest PlayStation 4 controllers join a long preceding list of official variants, including everything from designs based on established games through to simple palette swaps. Still, the PS4 manufacturer is arguably behind the curve in this regard, mostly when compared to Microsoft and the Xbox One. The Xbox One controller has received a greater number of official variants, whilst gamers on the platform can also opt to customize their very own, not just choosing from a range of colors, but also switching out some components and even commissioning custom engravings.

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Sony’s DualShock line has a long history, with three of its four console generations thus far having launched with an iteration on the design that originated back in 1997. The first DualShock was an optional accessory for the original PlayStation, introducing dual analog control for added precision and rumble feedback to help immerse players. Since then, the pads have moved with the times and gone wireless, as well as introducing features like a touchpad, share button, speaker, gyroscopic motion controls, and even a mood light.

Anybody looking to spruce up their fall gaming sessions can preorder any of the new Rose Gold, Titanium Blue, Electric Purple, and Red Camouflage controllers for $65. All four are scheduled to begin shipping in September.