Gen 5 Pokemon may be coming to Pokemon Go

It appears as though the cheeky scamps behind Pokemon Go might’ve hidden some huge news concerning the game in a recent update. The update concerned Ultra Bonus Rewards, which are scheduled to be introduced in late August, taking place over three weeks thereafter and offering different bonuses each week. Those bonuses include increased spawns of Johto-region Pokemon as well as previously region-exclusive Pokemon being available to catch all around the world. It’s the odd description of the event’s final week which has raised eyebrows, however.

The unusual structure and wording led internet sleuths to dig a little deeper, though they didn’t have to go too far to find that the first letter of each sentence in this section of the Ultra Bonus Rewards update post spelled out “Unova.” Unova is the region which players explore in 2010’s Pokemon Black and White, and also 2012’s Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, all of which released on the Nintendo DS. Naturally, this has caused speculation over whether Niantic and the Pokemon Company might soon be adding Pokemon from the long-running series’ fifth generation into the Pokemon Go mix.

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Which Pokemon might make the hypothetical cut is anybody’s guess, but the generation 5 starters could well be a safe bet. Subscribing to the classic grass, fire, and water type distinctions, Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott would be definite crowd pleasers. At this point, though, with no significant new batches of creatures to catch having been added to the game for several months, those players looking to get back outside and explore their real-world surroundings whilst enjoying the game will be pleased to get their hands on any new additions.

Not only that, but once the new Pokemon are captured by players the game could well settle into a new meta where its gym and raid gameplay are concerned. With more news said to be inbound on August 20, now’s certainly an exciting time to be a Pokemon Go player.