New Xbox One controller colors revealed: Night Ops Camo and Sport Blue

Another Gamescom 2019 reveal from camp Microsoft has come in the form of a pair of new Xbox One controller colors. These special edition pads are the new Night Ops Camo and Sport Blue variations, both featuring sleek modern designs fit to accessorize the chosen playspace of any gamer. The wireless pads are scheduled to launch on separate dates this fall, which are outlined below.

Starting with the Night Ops Camo controller, this handset is the first in what’s promised to be a series of new designs based on various forms of camouflage. The somewhat muted black and grey color palette comes to life with the addition of metallic gold, also featuring on the d-pad, which Microsoft says gives the controller an “urban street vibe.” Additionally, it features a textured body and an etched trigger grip said to offer players greater levels of control. It’s available to preorder for $69.99 right now and will ship on October 8, if Night Ops Camo is the special edition controller for you.

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While the camouflage controller is the beginning of a new series, the Sport Blue Xbox One controller is the third in an ongoing line. Following in the footsteps of the Sport White and Sport Red iterations before it, this pad is said to be inspired by “sports lifestyle, activewear and pop culture.” The overall design is very similar to the white and red versions, only now predominantly colored in a variety of blue hues, featuring a “vibrant” rubberized grip for extra comfort during those long gaming sessions. Again, it’s now available for prepurchase at $69.99 ahead of a September 17 launch.

Xbox has arguably set itself apart as the leading platform when it comes to custom controller options. Not only do they offer a wide range of special edition variants, like the two outlined above, but also a web-based software for Xbox One gamers to customize their own unique controller by editing a wide range of elements.