Fortnite x Amiibo concepts will have fans throwing money at their screens

A number of Fortnite x Amiibo concepts have popped up online and they’re looking pretty darn cool. With Epic Games’ premier Battle Royale experience now available on the Nintendo Switch, some fans might be hoping to get some Amiibo for this wildly popular third-person shooter. Now, a couple of talented people have shown us what exactly that could look like.

It all began a few hours ago when /u/DriftIsTheBestBoi submitted a 3D render of a Fortnite x Amiibo concept to the /r/FortniteBR subreddit. The rendering shows the Drift skin standing atop a golden Super Smash Bros. icon and hot pink box art that highlights the awesome style of the character clad in a fox mask. It certainly looks pretty cool, especially for something that was made by a fan.

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Here’s the post that kicked it all off:

Fortnite X Amiibo? (Any Skin Suggestions?) from FortNiteBR

After the success of the first concept, /u/DriftIsTheBestBoi decided to show off another creation of his. This time, the Amiibo concept made use of the Ice King skin and featured an appropriately-themed blue background.

Fortnite X Amiibo – Ice King from FortNiteBR

As cool as these Fortnite x Amiibo concepts may be, they are unfortunately not official creations from Epic Games. Still, the reveal of these artistic renders has gotten fans to thinking about some of the mechanics that might lie behind these toys if they ever come to fruition.

Were these Amiibos to be actually created, the free-to-play model of Fortnite opens up a lot of opportunities for Nintendo and Epic Games to work together. They could presumably be used to unlock a unique skin that you could only get by purchasing the Amiibo or some other in-game bonus like weapon skins, V-Bucks, or something else entirely.

These Fortnite x Amiibo concepts may just be a dream, but the insane popularity of Epic’s third-person shooter Battle Royale may one day see these cool toys come to life.

[Image credit: /u/DriftIsTheBestBoi on Reddit]