Epic Games Store MechWarrior 5 tweet receives backlash from Fortnite mech haters

An Epic Games Store Mechwarrior 5 tweet dropped this morning to announce that the upcoming first-person shooter is now available for pre-order. Unfortunately, it seems like the majority of respondents on Twitter have completely ignored the announcement in favor of something else entirely: complaining about Fortnite mechs.

A bit of background for those of you who may be out of the loop: Fortnite Season 10 has introduced a two-person battle mech that is ridiculously overpowered in the eyes of some people. A constant flurry of complaints has beleaguered Epic Games ever since its introduction, with many fans requesting that the company “vault” the B.R.U.T.E. mech, effectively removing it from the game.

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Of course, Epic Games does publish more than just Fortnite. It runs this little thing called the Epic Games Store that you may have heard of by now, and one of the upcoming games coming exclusively to that platform is Mechwarrior 5. It’s now gone up for preorder, but the Epic Games Store Mechwarrior 5 tweet probably didn’t get the response that the company was hoping for.

“Thought season X is a bad joke, but its 200iq promo for other games. Probs!” read one such reply from a Twitter user. “Ok so now u got ur mechs in a whole ass game #removethemech,” read another.

A casual examination of the current replies to the tweet shows that the overwhelming number of responses — all but two, in fact — are talking about the B.R.U.T.E. mech and doing one of two things: either completely ignoring Mechwarrior 5, or criticizing it somehow in relation to Fortnite.

There’s always been a level of backlash for powerful Fortnite weapons and Epic Games Store exclusives, respectively, but the Epic Games Store Mechwarrior 5 tweet has somehow managed to combine both of these groups into one strange sea of Internet commentary.