Final Spider-Man: City at War comic launches while MCU future is uncertain

Marvel’s Spider-Man is the most successful PS4 exclusive amongst the Sony platform’s extensive library of them, so it’s no surprise that Insomniac Games’ modern take on the web-shooting wallcrawler received some cross-media promotion. The Spider-Man: City at War comic book series has been ongoing for a number of months now, and today marks the release of the sixth and final issue in this debut run, concluding a mostly faithful retelling of the game’s events in print to prepare fans for the new, original comics based on Marvel’s Spider-Man to come.

The first title to grace Marvel Comics’ new “GamerVerse” line — conceived in an effort for Marvel to integrate with video games on the scale it already has with cinema — the books also offer insights into Insomniac, Sony, and Marvel’s collaborative development process which saw the game achieve such success. With Sony’s recent acquisition of independent development studio Insomniac Games, and next week’s launch of the first comic in the all original Spider-Man: Velocity series, set to elaborate on the game’s popular Velocity suit, it doesn’t look like that success is set to waver any time soon.

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City at War #6 finds itself launching during a tumultuous time for the Spider-Man IP, as a dispute between Marvel and Sony (owner of the character’s movie rights) has called Spider-Man‘s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe into question. Far From Home, which is currently screening in cinemas, could be the last MCU appearance for Peter Parker and pals if an agreement isn’t reached — an agreement that would likely be in Sony’s best interest if it wants to continue tapping into comic books and video games where the famous red and blue superhero is concerned.

It’s certainly going to be interesting to observe where the dispute goes, though with Spider-Man enjoying somewhat of a renaissance in recent years, it’d be unfortunate to see things change too drastically.