Two Point Hospital: Close Encounters DLC makes fun of the Storm Area 51 meme

Two Point Studios isn’t afraid of throwing Easter eggs left and right in its hospital simulator Two Point Hospital. Now, its upcoming expansion looks to have fun with one of the internet’s most recent memes. The upcoming Two Point Hospital: Close Encounters DLC pays homage to the Storm Area 51 meme.

Coming out on August 29, the Close Encounters DLC expansion lets players take control of a UFO-shaped hospital and adds more than a few references to Area 51 and the associated meme. The hospital itself is one of three new hospitals being added to the game, on top of 34 new illnesses (11 of which are visual), three new cure rooms, and a number of new challenges.

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In line with the alien theme, Two Point Studios confirmed that some of the challenges will involve treating victims of alien abductions. Meanwhile, other challenges will involve players attempting to provide medical care to actual extraterrestrials themselves.

In addition to all this, the official press release makes mention of a “Chasm 24,” a secret facility similar to the real world Area 51. Of course, in line with the meme, the actual press release makes mention of “storming” towards Chasm 24. Will players have to deal with participants in the storming of this place who’ve been injured, or been infected with some alien disease?

Two Point Hospital: Close Encounters is just the first of a stream of content coming to the game. The development studio recently stated on the game’s Steam homepage that it has even more content on the way for the game. Aside from the expansion, it will also release a Retro Items Pack for Two Point Hospital that players can purchase separately. What comes after this however, Two Point Studios hasn’t made specific announcements. Maybe it’s just waiting for the next great internet meme to emerge before making one.