Box art - Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital Easter Eggs: What Easter Eggs Are In Two Point Hospital?

Two Point Hospital has a lot of fun with its premise, and like any developers having fun Two Point Studios has hidden a lot of movie and videogame references in their game. We’ve been playing the game thoroughly looking for Two Point Hospital Easter Eggs, and we’ve found a few good ones already which we’ll explain. There are undoubtedly more, so leave a comment below the article if you’ve found any we’ve not listed.

Two Point Hospital Easter Eggs: Theme Park Easter Egg

If you’ve been following Two Point Hospital, you’ll know that it’s the spiritual successor to Bullfrog’s classic Theme Hospital. The game’s made by a few of the lead designers of the Bullfrog original, which itself was a sequel to their other classic management-strategy game Theme Park. Two Point Hospital pays homage to Theme Park by putting in a very familiar landmark right at the centre of the game’s Two Point County.

Two Point Hospital Sonic Mania Easter Egg

Two Point Hospital Easter Eggs: Sonic Mania Easter Egg

Sonic The Hedgehog is in Two Point Hospital! Sounds like SEGA publishing has its perks. But where is Sonic? He’s in the Arcade Cabinet item you can buy, which costs 500 Kudosh to unlock. Once you put it down you can see Sonic running through the Flying Battery Zone on the screen, which although originally from Sonic & Knuckles is actually from the more recent Sonic Mania. You can tell, because the Sonic Mania title screen music can be heard when people play the machine.

Two Point Hospital Easter Eggs: Mucky Foot Easter Egg

After Bullfrog closed down, many staff formed other studios, such as Fable developers Lionhead. Another studio filled with ex-Bullfrog people was Mucky Foot, the developers of space station management-strategy Startopia, which definitely had a Theme Hospital/Theme Park vibe to it. Several staff from Mucky Foot went on to join Two Point Studios, and they reference their former studio with the disease Mucky Feet. You’ll need to a Ward to deal with it. EA or Microsoft could probably do the job, too.

Two Point Hospital Ghostbusters

Two Point Hospital Easter Eggs: Ghostbusters Easter Egg

We’ve checked thoroughly, but there doesn’t seem to be a specific reference to the classic movie Ghostbusters in Two Point Hospital, not even a cheeky “we ain’t afraid of no ghost.” But on the other hand, Janitors suck up spooks with a vacuum cleaner. If that’s not a nod to Ghostbusters we don’t know what is.

Two Point Hospital Easter Eggs: Harry Potter Easter Egg

A subtle one, this. There’s a reference to the Harry Potter universe, ‘Wizarding World’ or whatever you want to call it, in Two Point Hospital. It’s actually in the name of one of the game’s diseases, ‘Bogwarts’. This is obviously a reference to Hogwarts, the wizarding school that Harry Potter attends. The rather lovely disease is described as “a disgusting skin condition caused by filthy toilets.” It can be cured at the Pharmacy or, and this is how we know for certain that the developers intended this as a Harry Potter Easter Egg, “with witchcraft.” Nice.