Luigi’s Mansion 3 gameplay shows off garden-themed floor

A new Luigi’s Mansion 3 gameplay video showed off almost a half hour of single-player and co-op gameplay. The Luigi’s Mansion 3 showcase took place in a new, garden-themed floor of the Last Resort Hotel called Garden Suites.

Nintendo U.K. released the Luigi’s Mansion 3 gameplay video as part of the channel’s “Nintendo Presents” Gamescom 2019 content. The Garden Suites floor of the game’s haunted hotel is overrun with foliage. There are tons of different plants around the floor that Luigi can interact with in various ways using the flashlight and the Poltergust’s various abilities. We see Luigi using the flashlight to open the buds of tall flowers, vacuuming up vines to uncover paintings, shooting bursts of air to clear away fallen leaves, and even sucking up a circular saw and using it to destroy furniture and thick, woody vines. Nintendo also showed more of Gooigi’s unique abilities, falling through grates and squeezing through small spaces (complete with fittingly nasty squelching sound effects). Nintendo previously unveiled Gooigi, Luigi’s slimey doppelganger invented by Professor E. Gad, in an E3 2019 gameplay trailer.

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The Garden Suites’ main antagonist ghost is Doctor Potter, one of the game’s unique boss ghosts that serve as a sort of replacement for the original Luigi’s Mansion’s portrait ghosts. Doctor Potter continually showed up throughout the level to hinder the players’ progress, growing giant pineapple-spawning plants and huge man-eating monster plants. The level culminated in a boss fight against Potter, where Luigi had to use the aforementioned saw to cut the stem on Potter’s dog-like monster plant weapon.

The whole Garden Suites stage brings to mind the segments of Batman: Arkham Asylum when Poison Ivy’s foliage-based powers have covered the environment ⁠— albeit a more colorful, cartoony version of that. Our Luigi’s Mansion 3 hands-on preview took us through a completely different, medieval-themed level, so it seems Nintendo is using the multi-storied hotel setting to really focus on variety in the game’s level design.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 launches on Nintendo Switch on October 31, the spookiest release date of all. You can watch the full Gamescom 2019 gameplay showcase below.