Mortal Kombat 11 Joker DLC design is criticized by fans

Recently, NetherRealm Studios revealed the guest characters coming to Mortal Kombat 11 as part of the game’s Kombat Pack. Of these guest characters however, one has drawn a reaction that the studio may not have expected as some fans are making fun of the Mortal Kombat 11 Joker design.

Mortal Kombat 11‘s guest characters include Spawn, The Terminator T-800 (based on the upcoming film), and of course, the Joker. While the first two generally look quite in line with the game’s other fighters, some fans think that the Mortal Kombat 11 incarnation of the “Clown Prince of Crime” (or Krime, in this case) looks a bit off. Compared to the other two, the Joker looks a bit like a plastic mannequin dressed up like the character to a handful of people.

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With the internet being what it is, users have of course started making fun of the Joker’s Mortal Kombat 11 look on social media. YouTuber AlphaOmegaSin pointed out that the design looks more like someone cosplaying as the Joker, and not the man himself. Meanwhile, SpekObst compared him to the character Connor from Detroit: Become Human.

Probably the most popular reaction comes from Travis Shaw who likened the Joker to someone playing him in a porn parody. Meanwhile, another popular tweet by Topher Florence, equated the design with a purposefully bad Joker impression by comedian Tim Heidecker from short he did with Brett Gelman.

The most common jokes however seems to be posting various clips of bad Joker cosplay. Twitter user Sebmal and goes as far as to proclaim them to be Joker’s pre-fight intro and win pose in Mortal Kombat 11.

Of course, not everyone is making fun of the Joker. Professional fighting game player and recent MK11 Evo champion Dominique “SonicFox” McLean from Team Echo Fox voiced his enthusiasm for the character (who he also sparingly used in Injustice 2, despite the character’s low-tier status). To this, series co-creator Ed Boon replied stating that Joker would be “vicious” in the game. With this in mind, will fan reactions change once they see the character in action, or will it fail to get them over his looks? Then again, with the Joker’s January 28 release date still a long ways off, NetherRealm could still opt to adjust his appearance before launch.

NetherRealm has tweaked character faces before launch too. Injustice 2‘s faces were noticeably altered before it came out, as well some of the MK11 faces. It’s also possible that Joker doesn’t quite have a real-life face model like the other characters or that Warner Bros. seemingly swapped out Evil Dead‘s Ash Williams in favor of the Joker in order to capitalize on WB’s upcoming film starring Joaquin Phoenix. This would explain the wrong update info that some people saw in the game after the trailer’s debut as well as the chainsaw noise from Shang Tsung’s trailer that would imply Ash over Joker. If accurate, this could explain how Joker looks rough to some people as he might have had to rushed in at the last minute. Boon even stated that initially withholding the identity of the DLC characters “[wasn’t] our choice,” implying that there were outside forces tampering with the studio’s DLC plans.