Untitled Goose Game release date revealed

Despite having a prototype-esque name for its development, Untitled Goose Game is still perhaps one of the more anticipated indie games in recent months. Developed by House House, this is an upcoming stealth game in which players take the role of a goose whose goal is to bother various humans. Players have been waiting for this game for a while since its reveal in October 2017, and developers have finally decided that it is time to announce the Untitled Goose Game release date. Alongside a new trailer, seen below, House House is putting the finishing touches on their goose based stealth game and has announced that it will be waddling its way to a September 20, 2019 release date.

Up to this point, the only thing that fans new about the Untitled Goose Game release date was that it would be coming to the Nintendo Switch and the Epic Games Store sometime in 2019.

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The Untitled Goose Game will be available in your respected platform store at a special launch price of $14.99 in the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Japan. Once the release sale is over, the game will be bumped up to a full $20, so if you’re planning to pick up this atypical goose based stealth game, you might want to cash in on the discount if you’re willing to take the risk.

If the release date sounds familiar, it’s because that is the same day that the Nintendo Switch Lite is set to release. It’s not to late to pre-order a Switch Lite.

Additionally, if you are planning a trip to PAX West, you can get your hands on the Untitled Goose Game a little bit early at the House House booth (#6516). However, for the majority of us, we will have to wait until the Untitled Goose Game release date rolls around in a few weeks.