Microsoft’s New Dashboard Beta Eliminates Microsoft Points But Raises Prices [Update]

[Update] In a statment to GamesBeat, Microsoft has noticed this error and is working to reimburse any beta participants the difference between the correct and incorrect price. Luckily, this is a part of why they use beta programs. Of course, this is an obvious kink that could have been ironed out before the beta program became live. But at least it seems as though they're not raising prices.

Microsoft's new Dashboard Beta is rolling out and, according to user Gowans on NeoGAF, the new Dashboard nixes the Microsoft Points scheme entirely in favor of prices based on real-world currencies. The catch? Prices have been increased, or as it has been aptly named, a "stealth raise" has occurred:

400 points (£3.40) games are now £4.49

800 points (£6.80) games are now £8.99

1200 points (£10.40) games are now £11.99

1600 points (£13.60) games are now at £14.99

(from user airborn on NeoGAF)

400 Microsoft Points (€4.80) = €4.99

800 Microsoft Points (€9.60) = €9.99

1200 Microsoft Points (€14.40) = €14.99

1600 Microsoft Points (€19.20) = €19.99

This means that the XBLA games that were once cheaper in the UK by comparison to PSN and Steam are now consistent. As a result, some users are attacking Microsoft for price-gouging while others are blaming gamers themselves for wanting to get rid of points in the first place.

Whether this means increased prices on the US side is yet unknown.