Here’s how Super Mario 64 would look like in the Super Mario Odyssey engine

[Image Credit: ItzSka / YouTube]

Have you ever wondered how Super Mario 64 would look like running on the Super Mario Odyssey engine? Then look no further than this fan-made Super Mario 64 remake. A team of modders and huge Mario fans is working on a project that aims to recreate the classic game in its entirety using the Super Mario Odyssey engine.

Despite being labeled as a remake, this mod isn’t a 100% recreation of the original Super Mario 64 game. The main reason is that Mario’s greatest friend, Cappy, is now a part of this world, which means that the game’s mechanics are expanded to take advantage of it. Jumping, for example, is something where Mario can use Cappy to get that extra boost, while possessing enemies to use their abilities is another area where the game is being improved.

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On the other hand, some abilities were removed in order to keep gameplay challenging and fun. Mario is unable to climb up walls, something that would make all those platforming sections redundant and considerably decrease the challenge.

The Super Mario 64 Odyssey team is currently working on many levels, including Bob-omb Battlefield, Whomp’s Fortress, Jolly Roger Bay, and Dire Dire Docks. Only a dozen more or so to go and you should have the full Super Mario 64 remake experience on Nintendo Switch, albeit with a few variations due to the use of the Super Mario Odyssey engine.

The big question is if Nintendo will leave the Super Mario 64 Odyssey team at peace, or if they will send them a nice, little cease-and-desist letter to stop them on their tracks. It wouldn’t be the first time, and it surely wouldn’t be the last.

With all the recent commotion about the likelihood of a Super Mario Sunshine 2, perhaps Nintendo is considering its own official take on Super Mario 64 for Nintendo Switch as well.

[Image Credit: ItzSka / YouTube]