JokerdTV is blowing up on Twitch after hitting max level in WoW Classic

The first Twitch streamer to hit max level in WoW Classic has been exploding in popularity ever since he achieved the feat, and he shows no signs of stopping. JokerDTV has continued streaming Blizzard Entertainment’s throwback MMORPG, revealed his face, and talked about the sheer level of emotion he felt when he realized the level of popularity he’s achieved.

A bit of background for those of you out of the loop: World of Warcraft Classic has been doing pretty well ever since it launched early last week. With everyone on a level playing field, it quickly became a race to see who would be the first person to reach Level 60. That achievement was reached in just a few days by JokerDTV, a Twitch streamer who has subsequently exploded in popularity.

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JokerDTV began with revealing his face live on his stream, something that had been requested of the fans who had been watching him. He also gave a sort of virtual tour of his bedroom, showing off stone walls and a rather plain ceiling. The fastest WoW Classic leveler felt (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) that his environment is what helped contribute to his success.

“Listen, look,” he began, picking up his camera and using it to show off the surrounding area. “This is my bedroom. Look. There’s no f***ing sun. That’s my f***ing ceiling.”

“That’s my f***ing room, guys,” he continued. “This is how you get world-first 60. You have to live in jail so you’re forced to play the game.”

While JokerDTV certainly has a sense of humor about his somewhat odd living situation, he also revealed a more emotional side. When fellow streamer Kandyland asked him when the last time he cried, his response was pretty surprising.

“You know when I cried, Kandy? The last time I cried?” he began. “I cried when I had 4K viewers or something. I didn’t cry on st- well, I cried on stream, but nobody knew I was crying.”

“I was kind of happy because that’s when I realized I was going to win, you know? That’s why I started crying.”