Deadmau5 blasts Twitch streamers who ‘f***ing e-beg for 5 bucks’

Noted EDM musician deadmau5 blasted a pair of Twitch streamers in a hilarious conversation during a game of PUBG, calling them a “couple of f***ing streamers who e-beg for five bucks.”

deadmau5, if you’re unaware, is an EDM musician who has achieved worldwide success with his music and also happens to occasionally stream his music production and some gaming on Twitch. He was playing some PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with fellow Twitch streamers Grizz and smaceTRON. At one point during the game, Grizz began to talk about the concept of tipping, ultimately setting off his teammate into a hilarious rant on the subject of the patron economy.

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“Like, who made up tipping? What the f***?,” Grizz began. “Restaurants, to survive, they depend on the goodwill of the people, you know, the patrons—”

“This is so ironic coming from a couple of f***ing streamers who f***ing e-beg for five bucks,” deadmau5 interrupted. “Get the f*** out of here with that s***.” He then took on a sarcastic tone, mocking his fellow PUBG players.

“‘Oh that’s just so weird, who invented tipping? Oh god, that’s just so lame! It’s like they’re entitled to it or something!’,” he continued in a mocking tone.

“Like and subscribe, kids!” he added.

deadmau5 Twitch streamers Grizz

Grizz responded by stating that neither him nor his compatriot smaceTRON ask for donations, to which deadmau5 retorted that, essentially, waiters and waitresses do not ask for tips, either. Amusingly, Grizz also happened to have his most recent donation listed up on the screen. The amount? Exactly five bucks. For what it’s worth, Grizz appeared to take deadmau5’s commentary in good humor; the EDM musician adopted an apologetic tone, but he also continued to poke fun at his fellow squadmate a bit as well.

While it would be easy to interpret deadmau5’s statement as a broader condemnation of Twitch streamers, I think a fairer interpretation is that he was highlighting the irony of a Twitch streamer complaining about tipping when, in general, many Twitch streamers effectively make their living off of tips and donations. It may have just been a bit of banter between a pair of friends during a game of PUBG, but it ended up getting strangely introspective.