Entire Dark Souls trilogy beat without leveling up or getting hit by The Happy Hob

Souls and Souls-like games are universally known for their brutal level of difficulty, though one Twitch streamer has made a name for himself by proving that with hard work, dedication, and a lot of skill these games can be conquered. In fact, conquered in increasingly impressive ways, with the latest The Happy Hob Dark Souls challenge run seeing him beat all three games in the Dark Souls trilogy back-to-back without leveling any of his characters up or taking a single hit from an enemy.

It’s an insane feat of gaming prowess, which likely would’ve ended for most gamers mere minutes into the first game. That being said, The Happy Hob didn’t play the series in chronological order, instead opting to play Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls 3, then finally Dark Souls. This led to the impressive run ending with a battle against Gwyn, Lord of Cinder as the docile boss soundtrack juxtaposed a clear high level of tension emanating from The Happy Hob.

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The Happy Hob Dark Souls

During the final moments of the encounter, Gwyn makes a grab for the streamer shortly following a successful parry, prompting panicked rolls and a cry of “NO!” from the otherwise stoic Happy Hob. After regaining his composure he swiftly brings the battle to a close, punching the air and exclaiming “Trilogy no-hit run! SL 1!” SL in this instance stands for “Soul Level” and, again, not having improved the base character in any way only serves to make an already impressive feat even more astounding.

The Happy Hob is no stranger to success in this area, however, having previously beaten the Dark Souls trilogy in conjunction with Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne without taking a hit. Although he tackled more games, in that case, he did allow himself to level characters and thus made the process a little easier on himself. Maybe next he’ll tackle an SL1 run of the entire “Soulsborne” series?