New Batman game may be called Batman: Arkham Legacy

It’s pretty much known that a new Batman game is in the works thanks to a couple of hints by folks close to the project. Now, yet another leak may be giving us a bit more information about the upcoming game. A well-known leaker may have revealed that the new game will be called Batman: Arkham Legacy.

This information comes from Sabi, the leaker who gained notoriety for their E3 2019 leaks this past June. Back then, they released so much accurate information about the show that Nintendo’s lawyers actually contacted them to prevent them from talking about the its E3 plans.

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Sabi actually seems to have leaked more than just the game’s title, too. In a followup tweet, Sabi seems to confirm that “Arkham Legacy” will have the bat family playable. This tweet seems to be addressing some earlier rumors and speculation that have been floating around stating as much.

New Batman game may be called Barman: Arkham Legacy

Previous games have had specific members of the bat family playable. However, most of them added the characters in as DLC. This new leak may indicate that all the characters will now be available from the start, with the playable sequences better integrated into the main story, instead of being mostly flashbacks. In fact, this does seem like a possible direction the game may take considering what happens in Batman: Arkham Knight‘s”Knightfall” true ending, tying into the “Legacy” part of the game’s supposed title.

The other thing that makes this leak tantalizing is the release date offered alongside the new title: It’s just a few days out from the anniversary of the release of Batman: Arkham Origins. That previous game shares a developer with the new Batman game: WB Games Montreal. With this in mind, it may be possible that the studio may reveal something on that date.

Of course, all of this is just speculation at this point, and should be taken with a grain of salt. Only Warner Bros. truly knows what the new Batman game is and when it will be revealed.