New Batman game’s plot hinted at by comic writer

[image credit: DC Comics]

It seems to be an open secret that a new Batman game is currently in the works at Warner Bros. Games. A number of sources close to the studio have been teasing its existence for awhile now. Recently however, one of DC Comics’ own writers may have slipped up given away the identity of the game’s bad guys.

In a recent tweet, DC Comics’ Scott Snyder dropped a hint pointing to the Court of Owls as the antagonists of the new Batman game. Snyder made the hint while retweeting a recent tease by WB Games Montreal about the new release. While Snyder deleted the tweet, people online were quick to take screenshots of it and share it.

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Snyder’s tweet is just the latest in a series of teases about the new Batman game. Earlier this month, Roger Craig Smith, who voices Batman himself in Batman: Arkham Origins tweeted about being bummed at not being able to talk about a project he was working on due to an NDA. While this tweet didn’t necessarily indicate anything Batman-related, Ryan Galleta, who wrote Batman: Arkham Origins, replied to Smith’s tweet in a way that hinted at a new game. “I can’t not tweet about the nonexistent confidential project that we’re not working on together,” stated Galleta in his tweet.

Of course, there’s also the recent tweet from WB Games Montreal. The tweet was mostly about Batman’s 80th anniversary, which is was celebrated yesterday as part of the annual celebration of Batman day that takes place every third Sunday of September. It contained a video of a Bat Signal being shined in Montreal as part of this year’s celebration. However, it would occasionally show quick flashes of certain symbols, including one used by the Court of Owls.

Now, if anyone would be familiar with the Court of Owls, it would be Snyder, as he created them alongside artist Greg Capullo back in 2011. This shady criminal organization has existed in Gotham City since colonial times and is comprised several of the city’s wealthiest families. The court and the conspiracy around them serve as the main focus of Batman’s efforts coming into the New 52 reboot of the DC Comics continuity.

The original Court of Owls arc eventually evolved into the “Night of Owls” crossover storyline that took place in various Batman and Gotham City related books, involving a number of members of the expanded Bat Family. The latter leads to some interesting possibilities in a new Batman game, possibly pointing to these other characters being involved in the game.

Of course, the Court of Owls may be just one of the players coming into the new Batman game. Aside from their logo, a few other logos were hidden in the video in WB Games Montreal’s tweet. One of these was one bearing a demon’s head that looks similar to one seen used by classic Batman villain Ra’s al Ghul. Ra’s (whose name means “The Demon’s Head” in Arabic) and his League of Assassin’s were central to the plot of Arkham City, but were also involved in Akham Origins and Arkham Knight. Could Ra’s and his League be making a return to the new Batman game alongside the Court of Owls?

While nothing official has been revealed about the new game, fans may not have to wait long to learn more about it. Sony is hosting its next State of Play live stream later today at 4:00 PM ET. Already, a known insider from ResetEra has apparently confirmed that the game will be announced at the event. If this is the case, then that means that there’s one more thing to look forward to during the live stream alongside The Last of Us 2.