Gears 5 Ninja livestream will showcase campaign tonight on Mixer

Gears 5 Ninja livestream has been announced by one of the world’s most popular streamers — and it’s happening tonight, exclusively on Ninja’s Mixer channel. The hotly-anticipated fifth core game in the Gears of War franchise will be here soon, and you’ll be able to get an in-depth look from one of the most popular Fortnite personalities in just a few short hours.

“Partnering with Microsoft to bring you the first ever [Gears 5] campaign playthrough tonight at 5 central!” began the tweet that announced the Gears 5 Ninja livestream. “Check out the trailer here and I’ll see you tonight at”

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We are now just a handful of days away from the launch of Gears 5. This upcoming game is going to focus on a woman named Kait Diaz, a person who is known as an Outsider and apparently has Locust parentage somewhere in her family tree. Previous Gears of War protagonists Marcus Fenix and JD Fenix (along with JD’s friend Delmont Walker) will be making returning appearances in the game, though we can’t say for sure what overall impact they’ll have on the story just yet.

While the previous games have largely focused on the Fenix family, this fifth entry in the franchise is bucking several trends, the most notable of which is dropping “of War” from the game’s title. (Although, it seems, someone forgot to tell Ninja that). The hype train is coming into the station, and you’ll soon be able to see whether or not this will be worth playing when the Gears 5 Ninja livestream debuts tonight.

You’ll be able to watch the Gears 5 Ninja livestream tonight on at 6:00 PM EDT/3:00 PM PDT and get an exclusive first look at the game’s single-player campaign. Gears 5 launches worldwide on September 6, 2019, for the PC and Xbox One.