Super Kirby Clash releasing today on the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Direct’s are always full of of tons of announcements that are likely to make Nintendo fans go a little bit wild. Today’s Direct showed some love to Kirby fans, with the announcement that an all new game, Super Kirby Clash, would be releasing today on the Nintendo Switch.

This is a brand new title that is being and will be releasing later today. The game will feature none other than Kirby and some of his friends. Based on the Nintendo Direct announcement, players will be able to play alone or with friends as they try to take down a variety of enemies.

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With more than 100 quests for players to experience, Super Kirby Quest will put a big emphasis on player roles. Each quest will play towards a specific character’s role, meaning that you’ll need the right weapons, gear, and potentially friends for the job. As the Direct stated, the key to victory will be to know your role and work as a team.

In addition to the announcement of Super Kirby Clash, the Direct also revealed that the game would be releasing later today and would be free to start. While the details are a little bit unclear, it sounds like the game will start off free and then require players to fork over some money if they would like to keep on playing.

You can head to the Nintendo Store website or the eShop on your Switch to download Super Kirby Quest right now. The download size is sitting at 1.1GB, so it shouldn’t take up too much space on your Switch. If you plan to play online, you’ll also need to have an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription. If you’ve already got an active subscription, grab a few friends and hop online.