Bizzle vs Ninja in Fortnite Combat Shotgun comment war

Fans of Epic Games’ battle royale title pretty much universally rejoiced when the controversial B.R.U.T.E. Mech was recently vaulted (essentially removed/retired from the game). Now has come the turn of Fortnite‘s Combat Shotgun, however, and this decision has proven to be much more divisive. Perhaps nowhere has that been more apparent than in this Bizzle vs Ninja war of words on Twitter.

Professional Ghost Gaming esports player Bizzle sent out a tweet questioning why Epic would vault the Combat Shotgun in Fortnite, to which Mixer streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins replied with a question of his own: “The gun is the easiest weapon to use in the game and has 0 skill gap?”

Bizzle wasn’t going to take that appearingly sarcastic reply lying down, calling Ninja “kid” in response and asserting that he could beat the popular livestreamer “10-0” using Fortnite‘s recently removed Combat Shotgun. Ninja took this in his stride, simply replying that Bizzle “Must have read [his] book.”

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The to-the-point reply got a big response from onlookers, even spawning a particularly hot Reddit thread labeling Ninja as “HYPER savage.” The book to which Ninja was referring is of course “Ninja Get Good – My Ultimate Guide to Gaming.” Not only did the young entrepreneur apparently “roast” his competition, but he also won over the crowd and advertised his book in the process.

Following his recent deal with Microsoft to stream exclusively on Mixer, rumored to be worth millions of dollars, perhaps that savvy move shouldn’t come as a surprise. Bizzle hasn’t responded in the hours since Ninja first made the comment.

Setting the Bizzle vs Ninja drama aside, it isn’t currently known if or when the Combat Shotgun will return after presumably undergoing some rebalancing. Considering that Fortnite enjoys a basically unparalleled frequency of updates within the industry, however, the development team is sure to already be assessing the weapon’s future.