Spyro Reignited mod makes the PC version even better

There are widescreen monitors, and there are widescreen monitors. The latest Spyro Reignited mod to be released adds support for ultrawide resolutions to the PC version of the game, once against showing that PC players always get the best version of a multiplatform release.

The mod in question (first highlighted by DSOGaming) most obviously adds support for way-higher-than-usual resolutions, allowing the handful of players who have ultrawide monitors to enjoy the game in their screen’s native resolution. Unfortunately, changing the game’s resolution like this also brings with it some new issues, although these too are handled by this Spyro Reignited mod.

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As anyone who uses large resolutions can tell you, the ability to adjust the field of view (FOV) is also important. Unfortunately, increasing the screen size of Spyro Reignited makes the field of view look pretty terrible. Thankfully, the mod allows you to adjust FOV in real time, setting it to just the right level that will make you happy.

There are, however, reportedly some problems from people using this mod. The framerate can go a bit wonky at times and/or Spyro’s animations can look a bit messed up, so you may have to turn V-sync on. You may also have to temporarily reduce your framerate to 30 FPS to troubleshoot the issue, but them’s the breaks when it comes to modding.

Although the need for this mod may seem a bit silly, there are more than a few gamers who spend a lot of money on high-resolution monitors. Developers aren’t exactly incentivized to support games for edge cases like this, but it’s nice to see that thee modding community will often pick up the slack. You can see the Spyro Reignited mod for ultrawide gamers in the video below, and you can get it for yourself over at PCGamingWiki.