‘RockyNoHands’ plays Fortnite with his mouth, makes it into Guinness World Records 2020

[Image Credit: Guinness World Records / YouTube]

Rocky Stoutenburgh is best known as “RockyNoHands” and he is a fighter, in every sense of the word. He is the current record holder for the player achieving the most Victory Royales in Fortnite Battle Royale using a QuadStick mouth-operated joystick. He has a grand total of 508 wins and also owns the record for the highest number of eliminations in Fortnite Battle Royale using the same joystick, with 11 kills.

Rocky made it into the Guinness World Records 2020 and the Guinness World Records 2020 Gamer’s Edition thanks to these impressive feats.

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Rocky was a very active person during his early childhood, doing several outside activities such as hockey, dirt biking, as well as playing many video games with his brother. However, in 2006 he got dropped on his head and broke his neck, becoming paralyzed from the neck down. This happened 13 years ago, and Rocky lost many friends, his hockey team, and spent a lot of time just watching television and doing nothing.

His younger brother, Andrew, along with the rest of the family, supported Rocky the best that they could. Andrew eventually found something on the internet called the quad-stick and ended up purchasing it for his brother, who reluctantly accepted to try it. Rocky describes himself as a very competitive player who just doesn’t enjoy losing, so he decided to practice gaming with the mouth-operated joystick until he became proficient at it.

The results are in plain sight, with the two Guinness World Records. Rocky isn’t shy where it comes to bragging about his accomplishments when he wins a match, saying “I don’t see Ninja doing this, I’m over here doing what he does with my mouth.” Andrew confessed that he plays games eight hours a day, and yet Rocky still manages to beat his records.

RockyNoHands’ demonstration of how he operates the mouth-operated joystick functions is unique, involving puffs, sips, and blowing the middle tube to shoot. Watch the video below to learn more about the story of this Fortnite Battle Royale champion.

[Image Credit: Guinness World Records/YouTube]