Fallout 76 battle royale Morgantown map is coming soon

The new Fallout 76 battle royale Morgantown map is coming to Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic MMO in just a few days. The release date is scheduled for September 10, when the new battle royale map is added to Nuclear Winter with patch 13.

The second Fallout 76 battle royale map will once again put players in a battle for the role of Overseer, this time in the streets of Morgantown and the adjacent mountains, with some nasty foes such as radscorpions and assaultrons .

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The Morgantown Map was first teased by Bethesda during the latest QuakeCon, but no date or details were revealed about it. An official blog post and a tweet confirmed the release date for the Fallout 76 battle royale Morgantown map, and shared some additional info with the players.

Bethesda didn’t show much about the look of the Morgantown map, but you have a couple of GIF images to quench your hunger. One of them displays the Morgantown city limits with a devastated road, while the other shows the Morgantown University engulfed in flames, while the American flag stands proudly at a distance.

This map is set in an urban center, with steep cliffs and a large body of water providing interesting trials for players, or Candidates, to navigate. Perks that improve mobility and movement in water are recommended, but players need to take extra care with the menacing wildlife that roams the region. Hostile radscorpions will pose a significant threat and are likely to eliminate many players.

The RobCo assaultrons date from before the Great War, but remain as a substantial threat that you should watch out for. These security robots are highly mobile and deadly at close range, wandering on the Morgantown region and engaging in combat with players who are unlucky enough to cross their paths.